Chorlton Community Cooperative

Chorlton Community Cooperative

Working together for Chorlton

The Co-op gives 1% of what members spend on Co-op own-brand products to local community projects. That’s a significant amount of money.

Each area has three local projects that members can choose between to receive the 1% of what they spend during the year.

We’re giving local Co-op members a chance to help choose which three causes should be on the list in Chorlton. This is the only place in the UK where members get a say like this. You can vote for up to three. We’ll add up the votes and then recommend the top three to the Co-op.

Below is the list of projects to choose from. Us the ‘Vote Now’ link to read more about each of them and to cast your vote. 

  • The Edge Theatre & Arts Centre
  • Stories Of Our Lives (organisation name is Joy Ethic)
  • Ivygreen Allotments
  • Brookfield Quids In
  • Emmeline’s Pantry
  • Barlow Moor Community Association Ltd
  • Community Revival UK conversation club
  • Community Revival UK sports
  • Hough End Griffins JFC
  • Whalley Range Community Forum
  • Chorlton Civic Society (Chorlton Voice)

Voting is open until 9.00am on Thursday 14 September.

Please do encourage other local Co-op members to vote too. This is money that can make a real difference in our community.