Chorlton Community Cooperative

Chorlton Community Cooperative

Working together for Chorlton

Chorlton Traders Association represents all sorts of traders: from retail chains to small independents, sole traders and spare-room freelancers. We are shops, bars, cafes, tradespeople and community groups. What unites us is that we all love living and/or trading in Chorlton and we want to see it prosper.

At Chorlton Traders we

  • Meet with local councillors, police and others. We know what’s happening and share our issues and concerns
  • Act as a collective voice for Chorlton’s business community
  • Offer early warning about anti-social behaviour, shoplifters and other offenders in the area through our free Pub & Shop Watch
  • Share information, news and sources of help
  • Run marketing campaigns for Chorlton – Chorlton Gift Vouchers,  the TAG loyalty card scheme, the Chorlton Map, regular collective advertising

Our bi-monthly meetings are a great opportunity to find out what’s going on and to hear from – and raise concerns with – councillors, police and other partners. Can’t make meetings? That’s fine – we know you’re busy. You’ll receive comprehensive minutes each month and have the same access to advice and opportunities as all our members.

When we work together, we’re stronger.

Join us and help us to #KeepItChorlton!